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B2 litter was born on July 23, 2015

Two girls silver classic tabby and one boy black classic tabby

Ballerina, Beethoven, Bel canto at four weeks

Picture albums: New borns   Kittens at 1 week  Kittens at 2 weeks

Kittens at 16 days  Kittens at 3 weeks  Kittens at 4 weeks

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The parents

Dam : CH FI*Amante's Xenia - Silver classic tabby

Sire: SC Lucas Sibaris*RU DVM, DSM  Golden spotted tabby

Pedigree of the kittens

The parents of the Amante's kittens are tested negative for FIV / FeLV,  HCM (depending on age, older cats have been tested several times) and also their blood group has been determined - all have blood group A.  All parents are also tested for the cs (color point) gen. Whether the cats/kittens are cs carriers or not, we do not sell kittens for Neva Masquerade (color point) breeding or to breeders who mix Siberians and Neva Masquerade cats or sell their offspring to such breeders. Also should the back ground of the cats, which are planned for mating with cats from my cattery be clean of NEMs, one or two are possible far back in the pedigree, not more.  

All kittens will be wormed, vaccinated, micro chipped and examined by a veterinarian before leaving for new homes. They are FIFe registered and come with a pedigree. The kittens grow up as well socialized family members. Kittens are sold only as indoor cats, which can go outdoors on the leash or in safe outdoor runs. Remark for breeders in countries, where breeders let their cats roam free after neutering: I sell kittens only to breeders who share the same cat keeping ethics and principles as I do and 
1.  never let their own cats roam free or have contacts with free roaming cats,
2.  do not sell cats/kittens to such catteries or cat owners, who let their cats roam free.
3. The above principles also concern neutered cats.
5. The cats do not live in cages or isolated areas or in outdoor cat houses or other facilities without access to
     the human housing.

If you are interested in a kitten, please send me email Merja.Tolonen(at)nic.fi and tell a little about yourself, your cats and cattery and possible breeding plans.

Please note, that although Siberian cats are often advertised as a hypoallergenic breed, they can cause allergic reactions  just like other cats. This is why we don't sell kittens to homes with cat allergies. 
Since we don't ship pet quality kittens internationally, please, try to contact local breeders to find your pet kitten. 

Previous Amante's litters

KISSAFANI 3/2005 - A Finnish Cat Magazine published a Siberian Cat breed presentation and a breeder interview with Amante's cattery. 
Cedi was the cover and center fold boy! 

The articles are in Finnish only. Click the picture to view it. 

The Finnish magazine Lemmikit & Eläinmaailma (Pets and Animal World) 2/2003 has published a breed presentation of the Siberian Cat featuring litter B and mom Siiri as well as Amante's Arietta from the  litter A. 
You can now view the article on this page
(in Finnish only). Amante's Boogie-Woogie has the honor to be the cover boy.

On this site you can find many cute kitten pictures!

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