First day pictures of the litter 11.December 2001

Queen: Minnilän Keep Me    Sire: GIC Siperiankulta Ekimenko

Siberian female taking care of her new born kittens

A couple of hours after the birth
3 girls and 2 boys.

Siberian kittens a few hours after the birth

And some hours later...

Three red-white, one black-white and one torbie kitten

2 kittens are red/white - one classic tabby, one spotted girl 
One girl is red mackerel tabby ( withouth white)

One of the girls is almost a copy of the mother (torbie-white), 
but the daugther has even more white 
  The other boy is  black mackerel tabby.

First meals right after the birth. A row of Siberian kittens.


kittens trying to find their place at mom's milk bar


Mom Siiri sleeping with her kittens

Siiri is  a very caring and wonderful mom!

One big job behind and another still left!

Kittens after some days

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